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Software Development, Consulting, Communication, Translation, Networking



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Strategy and Market research
Strategy and Market Research

We apply the specific market analysis and set together the strategic objectives

Corporate Identity und Corporate Design
Corporate Identity und Corporate Design

We will gladly help you with the selection and creation of your own corporate identity and a unique company design

Webdesign / IT

We specialize in all methods of modern programming and make your wishes come true

PR- and Communication

By our experienced experts, you can reach your customers, present and position your company

Business in Germany and East Europe


The comprehensive research on the offer of services and a more accurate monitoring help us adapt supply to demand, to make forecasts for a paragraph and hereby to arouse the interest of potential clients and increase their satisfaction.
Germany as one of the strongest and most promising economies has experienced, especially young people an ideal opportunity to put their plan into action to find new business partners or to found a startup


We advise our clients on the lookout for reliable and professional partner and accompany your ascent.

„Børd Consulting“ has taken on the task of assisting small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). First and foremost it is about companies that strive for integration in the German or Russian-speaking countries. We offer a wide range of services that are appropriate and necessary for the customer to act in Russia, Ukraine or Germany


The core of our work are the multifaceted IT language skills - in addition to the classic programming languages such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP, etc., we have mastered customer-oriented CMS solutions like TYPO3, which are aimed at precise needs of the customer and as desired by the customer be self-administered and then looked after


Visualizing your ideas in comprehensive digital forms. Websites for all formats - including tablets, smartphones and app's


Print editions, design and creation

Photography & Graphics

Make your dreams to become a reality. Make each of your products and Tailoring services unique


Business in Germany

Export orientation - one of the peculiarities of the German economy. Under the sign of quality «Made in Germany» well sold not only German cars. Stable investment climate attracts many innovative projects. In addition, interest is real estate in Germany, the price of which is often lower than in Russia

Germany for rest and treatment

Medical Tourism in Germany - a very popular destination for patients from eastern Europe. To diagnose and treat cancer, heart disease, eye (cataract, glaucoma) and other ailments Visa Center or the German Embassy provides visa for medical treatment. Particularly good reputation enjoyed by the German cancer clinics

Germany for study

Higher education in Germany has a rich tradition and is recognized as one of the best in the world. Europe's oldest universities offer students a variety of training programs, most of which are free. In addition, the student visa entitles to work part time. Students from around the world willing to come to study not only in big cities: Munich, Berlin, Stuttgart, Hamburg, but also prefer universities in the province, where the cost of living is much lower


High standard of living, a decent average salary and other delights of the EU attract graduates to seek work here. German grown primarily in need of technical specialists



The Federal Republic of Germany - a high-tech country in the heart of Europe and has one of the strongest economies in the world. The area of Germany is 357,021 square kilometers. Administrative division represents 16 federal entities, which are called - federal lands. The territory of Germany stretches from the Alps in the south to the North Sea and Baltic Sea in the north, surprising rightly rich and varied landscape.

Berlin - German capital - a multicultural city that, perhaps, could not be better reflects the crucial historical moments. After the Second World War (1939 - 1945) Germany consisted of two states: the Federal Republic of Germany (FRG) and the German Democratic Republic (GDR), the boundary between them took place even in the heart of Berlin. The difference between these two states is easy to feel, having been on both sides of the Berlin Wall, the remains of which are now used as a tourist attraction. It is no secret that the Germans - the passionate football fans, so the news of the Bundesliga is the whole world.

The population of Germany is about 81 million people, making it the most populous country in the European Union. Along with other highly developed countries, the natural increase of the population remains below zero. About 15 million people have a migrant background, however, dual citizenship in the country is not provided, except for very rare cases. Among his own - not uncommon in Germany. Extraordinary interest in the book, the analyst Thilo Sarrazin "Germany self-destructs" once again confirmed that migration remains one of the most pressing social and political themes. Overall, German society is quite liberal, here even allowed same-sex marriages

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